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Entry #3

Best Game Ever

2010-08-15 17:35:39 by hugenuts

Best game ever has entered the portal. Beware it's hard so all you kids that play those japanese hentai games are gonna get destroyed.


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2010-08-15 18:15:15

Leave, now. It sucks. Enough said.

hugenuts responds:

When u can make an animated gif you can criticize people on this site. Until then stick to giving head.


2010-08-15 18:30:45

Best Game Ever. No. A good start, well yeah I guess it's not entirely bad, but still it's a bit bugged.

What get's me is that snide little comment you left for Tzeench. The thing is, you produce the product for us to either watch or play. In this case it was a game.

You make it and we play it and thus give our criticism. We're not supposed to be able to draw or work flash, that's your position to offer your work to us.

So yeah, the term "everyone's a critic" is more than just a joke, it's fact. Whether or not you take criticism is your problem.

hugenuts responds:

You're right I mistakingly labeled his post as a criticism when in reality it was just shit talking and insulting. There's a difference, but I hear he gives good head.